Sunnyeve.fashions FAQ's.

      What are FAQ's - the Dictionary explain it like this: 
        frequently asked question/s, a question in a list of questions and   answers intended to help people to understand a particular subject.
      your Question could be:
          • I placed an Order, but i never received a Confirmation Email
            If you do not receive an email from SunnyEve.fashion within a few hours after placing your order, please be sure to check your personal spam folder. Alternatively, the email address on file might be spelled incorrectly. To check orders, you do have to log in to your Sunnyeve.Fashion Account and select "my Order" to review your order history. If you are still unable to locate the confirmation email for your order, please contact us over support@sunnyeve.fashion. 
            Please always confirm your address before submitting your order. Thank you!
            • I have not seen any movement yet from Sunnyeve.Fashion, how long does it take to get my package?
              From processing to delivery take 5-7 business days, it always depends on the time and date (Saturday, Sunday, Holiday) you placed your order. If the items are out of stock in the processing time, you will receive an email and will get a refund in time. 
            • Why is my Order cancelled?
              There are several reasons why your placed order may have been cancelled:
              I.    The item(s) is(are) sold out
              II.   We are unable to verify your billing information and/or your billing address does not match the credit card on file for the order.
              If the billing address stated on the order, does not match with what the credit card issuer or bank has on file, please go and contact your credit card issuer and/or bank to verify that the billing information is correct. Once you have updated, you may create a new order using the correct billing address.
              please note > if your order is cancelled for any of that reasons above, you will receive an email confirming your orders cancellation. The full amount of your order will be refunded back to the original form of payment you used. Refunds can take up to 2-6 business days to clear and 6-11 business days for the amount to post to your account, depending on your financial institution. If you had used a Gift-card to purchase, please reuse the Gift-card on your next purchase.
              III. Your placed order is just sold out and we can not restock it asap, then you will receive an email and will be refunded. 
            • How do I change my order or cancel my order ?
              Our system is structured in such a way that you have enough time to think about your order and there are enough steps before you press the order button, so there is no pressure on ordering anything. We don't want you to be on pressure, we want you to have a nice shopping experience with us.
              Therefore it is not possible for us to simply cancel your order or make any changes. We welcome you to return items in accordance with our returns policy once your order has been delivered.
            • What Methods of Payment do you accept?
              Sunnyeve.Fashion the most common Payment Systems, scroll down to the end and you can see all of them.
            • Do you refund shipping fees?
              No they are not refundable.
              Exception: you get a damaged item, then you have to follow this steps please:
              1. Provide photos along with the description of the damaged item(s) and your order number and item number or title.
              2. contact our support team at support@sunnyeve.fashion.
            • What happens if my item is lost or stolen?
              Sunnyeve.fashion is not responsible for stolen or lost items. In case of stolen items you have to call the police. If your package arrives damaged please let us know inner 24 hours of receiving your package.